Not Just a Developer

Hey, I'm Gabriel .

I am on a constant journey of discovery, exploring the intricate complexities of our ever-changing world

My Story .
I was born in 2001 in Girona, Spain.
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After graduating High School, I moved to Barcelona, Spain, and enrolled in Barcelona School of Telecommunications Engineering (UPC). After four years of rigorous academic pursuit, I successfully graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering degree in 2023.
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Through high school I discovered my passion for math, physics and technology in general. Telecomm. engineering appeared to be the ideal career choice, offering a broad foundation that allowed for specialization in areas like data or software after graduation, althoug not being the main focus. Despite warnings about its difficulty, I was drawn to the challenge, confident that it was the right path for me. Over the four years of my degree, I encountered various challenges spanning signal processing, networks and the math behind communications. I discovered programming, and realized how empowering it was, as it allowed me to build anything I wanted.

I decided to specialize in telematics for its practical application in building things. Post-graduation, my learning journey continues daily, both at and outside of work. Currently, I serve as a software developer in the R&D department of Entrust, a major company. Our focus is on creating proofs of concepts from scratch to enhance our products with new technologies and seize opportunities for innovation. Presently, I am delving into the world of AI/ML, leading a project that aims to create a LLM based AI agent that serves as the backbone for automated product configuration in the future.

Values .
Here are some of the values I live by.


I firmly believe in the power of optimism to navigate life's challenges. It's not just about wishful thinking but about approaching obstacles with the firm belief that solutions exist. When faced with daunting tasks, I envision success and focus on the steps needed to achieve it.

Hard Work

Hard work has been the cornerstone of my journey. I've always believed that success is earned through dedication and perseverance. While talent may play a role, it's the hours of effort and commitment that truly make a difference. I embrace the grind, knowing that every ounce of sweat is an investment in my goals.

Constant Learning

My insatiable curiosity fuels a relentless pursuit of knowledge in every aspect of my life. Whether it's through the projects I work in, the conversations I engage in, the books I read, or the podcasts I eagerly listen to, I am constantly seeking to expand my horizons.

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Random Facts .

Here are some random facts about me.

Get to know me.

2nd Career Choice

Considering college majors, political science was my second choice. Convinced of my knack for debate, I envisioned myself as the James Bond of politics.

Morning Ritual

I kickstart my day with a pre-sunrise pre-work gym session. Who needs coffee when you can have endorphins?

Calories Maestro

For me, sculpting diets is just another thing I do with the engineer hat. I hate the uncertainty of not knowing if I'm fueling my body right for my current goal.

Constant Listener

I love hearing podcasts, who needs silence when you can tune in to wisdom and wit? My favorite ones (currently) are Itnig and The All-In Podcast.

Literary Explorer

I find immense joy in delving into inspiring books that fuel my personal growth journey, interspersed with occasional forays into the enchanting realms of fiction.

Egg Lover

If I could only eat one thing for the rest of my life, it would undoubtedly be eggs. High quality fats, proteins, vitamins...eggs have it all!

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